《No One Else Is Like You 希望永遠存在 (英文版)》歌詞 專輯:by Christine Welch MP3歌詞

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所屬專輯: 一百萬個可能
演唱者: Christine Welch

《No One Else Is Like You》歌詞:

No One Else Is Like You(希望永遠存在)(英文版)


Yeah get up and move your feet
So close that you can taste it
Feel the punch of your heartbeat
It’s time to get this done
You know just what you’re risking
Won’t stop ’til this battle’s won
Who are you?
When blasts of thunder crash and rage
like you’ve never seen
Cause no one else can meet them
head on like you do
Cause no one else is like you
From the darkest night you know that
soon hope will shine through
Cause no one else is like you

Danger rears its head, but in the end
your heart was meant to ring true
What lies ahead is grim
It’s tough, but you can take it
Grit your teeth, and you’ll push through
Yeah no one else is like you
There is nothing you can’t do
Cause no one else is like you
Yeah sometimes you’ll find it’s hard
Lonely to be a hero
Lift your head and don’t look back
If they blame it all on you
Stand up and be their hero
Trust in what you know is true
There’s nothing you can’t do
There’s no one else like you

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